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                                 Tu Hai Video Song  and Lyrics

Mohenjo Daro, the upcoming Bollywood much awaited movie is ready for release. Hrithik Roshan is playing a character named Sarman while Puja Hegde playing as Chaani. The first song that released is TU HAI. 

The song is about praising the river. We can see Sarman and Cheeni in the song. Cheeni is princess and daughter of Sarman's enemy. Puja Hegde is dressed in white while Hrithik has covered his head with white head to represent that era. Even though the movie is praising the river, Hrithik ROshan tries to have nice moments with Puja while singing the song. There are some nice easy light moves in the song with some folk touch. The song was sung by AR Rahman.

Tu Hai Song Lyrics

Song : Tu Hai
Movie : Mohenjo Daro
Singer : AR Rahman
Music : AR Rahman

Tu hai mera ye sansaar sara
Main aur mera pyar sara tere hi liye hai
Tu hai ye jag mein rang jaise
Rutt mein hai tarang jaise
Tu hai toh tu hai toh

Gagan gagan lehar lehar
Badhi ye chandni
Dhara pe jaagi jyoti hai teri

Han nayan nayan khuli
Hui hai kaamna koi
Nahi nahi koi tujhsa hai hi nahi

Tu hai mera ye sansaar sara
Main aur mera pyar sara tere hi liye hai

Chalte chalte kisi dagar mein
Jaise achanak modh aata hai
Yun hi koi ek hi pal mein
Sab kuch piche chod aata hai

Chan kanjkara mera mann banjara tu meri
Prem bhari dhun mere mann ki jo sun jhoome re

Pass aa bhi mon hai tu
Yeh keh de meri kon hai tu
Bolte hain nayan mon hoon main
Apne naino se sun kon hoon main

Tu hai mera ye sansaar sara

Main aur mera pyar sara tere hi liye hai

Mohenjodaro Songs


Mohenjo daro songs

Mohenjo Daro is upcoming Bollywood much awaited movie of the year. Movie is being directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. Hrithik Roshan is the male lead while Puja Hegde is playing as a female lead of the film. 

The movie is a romantic movie set in Mohenjo Daro 2000 years ago. We can expect the lifestyles and other habits of the people of that time.

The Music of the film is composed by AR Rahman, who worked two film with Ashutosh Gowariker. 
As it is the historic movie the music  would be highlighted. The first trailer was a instant hit in the social media. It has been sharing many a times in the Facebook. The movie had many hits in the YouTube.

The music has been released and you can listen the songs on the official YouTube link of the T-Series.

Here is the official Mehenjo daro songs from T-series YouTube Channel.

Mohenjo daro would be boring - AR Rahman


Music Mastro AR Rahman said that he thought Mohenjodaro would be boring since it's About history. Ar Rahman, the oscar winner is the music director for Mohenjodaro; the most awaited Bollywood movie starring Hrithik Roshan Puja Hegde. The movie is being directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar. Mohenjodaro is the third film in their combination. 

Mohenjo Daro Songs

He said, "I had very low expectations from this movie. I thought it would be boring because it was about history.  I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the movie. As for it being challenging, I think every time there is a new route, new inspiration, it opens up many factors which makes you change the way you think. It’s very hard to do the same thing commercial movie again and again. A new thing, on the other hand, makes you excited and puts you on the edge rather than making you complacent."
Ar Rahman is working third time with Ashutosh Gowarikar. His first movie was Lagaan followed by Swades. Rahman said that he notice incredible patience in Ashutosh to get things done.

Mohenjodaro Movie

Mohenjodaro  Wiki

Mohenjodaro is upcoming Bollywood periodic movie written, directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. The movie is jointly producing by Sunitha Gowariker and Siddharth Roy Kapoor. The Bollywood Greek God Hrithik Roshan is playing the lead role while Puja Hegde is casted for female lead role. Even though the movie set at BC period the main story is about the love between the lead pair.

Mohenjodaro Movie
Mohenjodaro Movie

There are very less information about Mohenjodaro period. The archaeologists are not having enough information about the lifestyle, food habits and other general information about the people who were at Mohenjodaro. Ashutosh had done lot of research with help of archaeology department. He visited archaeological site of Dholavira for more information.

Mohenjodaro would be boring - AR Rahman

After so much research Ashutosh had started the shooting. The main theme of the film is not about the lifestyle, habits of the people of 2500 BC period. As there are no enough info Ashutosh decided to do a love story film which is set at that period. The movie will be having different sets and costumes representing that period of time. 

Mohenjodaro Movie
Mohenjodaro Movie
The official trailer was released and it got mostly positive review from the viewers. All the viewers in the You tube are very happy that they are gonna watch something which is not a regular one with different sets. 

Cast and Crew

Hrithik Roshan as Sarman
Pooja Hegde as Chaani
Kabir Bedi as Maham
Diganta Hazarika
Casey Frank
Piyush Mishra
Narendra Jha
Manish Choudhary
Sharad Kelkar
Kishori Shahane
Nitish Bharadwaj as Durjan
Suhasini Mulay
Arunoday Singh

The movie is co produced by Ashutsh's wife Sunita along with Siddharth Roy Kapoor. We are going to enjoy the film that set at Indus Valley Civilization. The love story seems to be interesting as Hrithik will be fell in love with his enemy's daughter. Bhuj, Mumbai, Jabalpur and Thane were the places where the some of the shoot was done. Hrithik got injured  while shooting for fighting sequences. AR Rahman is composing to this periodic tale while Javed is writing the lyrics.

Ashutosh took almost 3 years to complete the script as he had to go to different places to study about the Indus Valley Civilization. Ashotosh said that the movie is about the discovery of the Mohenjodaro which will be having love story between  the lead roles. Glenn Boswell was roped for stunts choreograph while Neeta Lulla and April Ferry will be designing the costumes. Movie is scheduled to release on August 12th 2016.